Natasha says the boys "should have had more sense" than to smoke ganja on a central London street. Grr!...

NATASHA from Atomic Kitten tells NME.COM that the S CLUB 7 boys “should have had more sense” than to be caught smoking spliffs in central LONDON, that their actions are more dangerous than those of EMINEM, and that the band’s parents’ generation are to blame!

“The S Club boys are grown-ups,” the singer tells NME.COM. “What they did was very stupid. They are a band that appeals to a younger crowd, and parents will see it and think that it’s not setting a good example. Which it isn’t. And, especially, walking around the streets of London with a spliff in your hand, you just don’t do that. Especially if you’re in a band, you keep it to yourself – you don’t publicise it to the world.”

Her comments come after the group were bombarded with spliffs thrown at the stage when they performed at London’s G.A.Y. club on Saturday night (March 31).

Eminem says that he does that kind of thing,” Natasha continues, “but there’s never any hard proof of him doing it, he’s just singing about it. He does glamorise drug use, but most kids know that if you see something on film it’s not real, and the same goes for songs. But the S Club boys actually getting cautioned by the police is completely different.”

In response to the recent NME survey into teenage behaviour in the UK, Natasha points out that “if you think about people in the ’60s, when they were all hippies, these are the people who are supposed to be in charge now and they can’t say anything about kids these days. If they didn’t want the kids to be like this nowadays then they shouldn’t have started it all in the ’60s! Still, people are always looking for an excuse to slag people off.”

After Paul, Bradley and Jon from S Club 7 were cautioned by police, they issued an apologetic statement. Natasha’s bandmate Liz McLarnon considers that the S Club boys’ actions may actually do some good, telling NME.COM: “It’s done a lot of good in a funny way because a lot of younger kids – and they have extremely young fans – will see the amount of trouble they’ve been in and that’ll be as good a deterrent as anything else.”