NME.COM can reveal it's the UK's drag czar...

ATOMIC KITTEN are due to welcome their second new member in one day – and this time it’s a drag queen.

Speaking to NME.COM earlier today (Thursday 18 January), Lil from the band said that comedian Lily Savage – Paul O’Grady when out of uniform – would be joining Atomic Kitten in their next video. “He was really hilarious,” she laughs. “We suggested he should be in one of our videos because we’re all northerners and it would be really funny if he was our mum or something like that. He was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll definitely do that.’ He gave us his phone number and we’re going to sort it out. I can’t wait for that.”

It seems northern wit is important in Atomic Kitten. Lil added that the band’s new recruit, former Precious star Jenny Frost, is perfect for the group because “she’s from Liverpool and grew up in Manchester, and has the same humour as us. And it’s important for Liverpool people to stay together because they understand each other.”

She added that while she’ll be upset when Kerry Katona leaves Atomic Kitten in February, “You only have to look at bands like Destiny’s Child – they had a member change and it didn’t harm them at all. I’m glad it’s not a horrible break-up – there were no arguments, it’s just that Kerry didn’t like travelling and then she got pregnant.”