Jenny Frost's CV includes being part of a spectacular UK Eurovision flop...

ATOMIC KITTEN have announcedPRECIOUS member JENNY FROST will be pregnant KERRY KATONA’s permanent replacement.

A statement was issued byAK management, who represent Atomic Kitten, this morning (January 18), which says: “We can confirm that Kerry Katona is leaving Atomic Kitten after she completes promotion for the band’s current single, ‘Whole Again’ in early February. Since she decided to leave the band, Kerry has worked closely with myself, Liz and Natasha to find the right person to replace her – a tall order we know – but we do feel we have found a true star in Jenny Frost.

“The three Kittens have been close friends with Jenny from the very start of Atomic Kitten’s career as she is from the same school of thought and the same area as the Kittens having been born in Liverpool and brought up in St. Helens and Manchester.

“The Kittens’ team is a very close-knit family and we were all thrilled with the news of Kerry’s pregnancy and completely understand her decision to put the well-being of her unborn child first. Being in Atomic Kitten is a 24-hour a day hectic way of life which really wouldn’t make for a stress-free, relaxed pregnancy. All of us at Integral and at Innocent Records want to take this opportunity to wish Kerry and Bryan the best for their baby and their forthcoming marriage.”

The statement concluded that Kerry is planning a career in TV presenting, and is considering various offers from a number of producers.

Atomic Kitten’s new single ‘Whole Again’ is released on January 29.