Thom Yorke spins Prince and NWA in secret, two-hour Glastonbury DJ set

Yorke and Atoms For Peace bandmate Nigel Godrich will do the same again tonight (June 29)

Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich played a secret DJ set at Glastonbury festival late last night (June 28).

The Atoms For Peace pair had hinted to Zane Lowe earlier this year that they might play in some capacity, and Godrich tweeted a picture of the festival site on June 27.

The two-hour set kicked off at 1am at ‘Heaven’, a small area in Shangri-La which has waitresses dressed as angels, ceramic toilets and a no-shoe rule. Ed O’Brien of Radiohead and Carl BarĂ¢t were also in the area.


Yorke and Godrich played a genre-bending collection of records, mostly in unison but occasionally one would take the reins. Tracks played included ‘Sexy MF’ by Prince, ‘Fuck Tha Police’ by NWA, ‘Once In A Lifetime’ by Talking Heads, ‘212’ by Azealia Banks and Desmond Dekker’s ‘007’. The eclectic mix also featured jungle, rave, dancehall and soul.

Yorke danced energetically throughout the set, wearing a waistcoat and his hair up in a ponytail. Looking relaxed and happy, he doffed his black hat to the applauding crowd.

After the set, Godrich tweeted: “Same time. Same place tomorrow”. Yorke has been spotted frequently around the Glastonbury site, and reportedly appeared onstage with Seasick Steve yesterday.