Watch Aurora break free from a cage in her dramatic video for ‘Animal’

Things later take a sinister turn in the Tim Mattia-directed clip

Aurora has shared the action-packed video for her new track ‘Animal’ – watch the clip below.

The Norwegian artist released the song yesterday (January 24), and it follows on from last year’s surprise-release ‘Infections Of A Different Kind – Step 1’ record.

The Tim Mattia-directed clip sees Aurora breaking free from a cage which is being transported on the back of the track. Once freed, the artist dances and wanders the streets before entering a nightclub – where things take a very sinister turn. See the video for ‘Animal’ below.

In a statement accompanying the release of ‘Animal’, Aurora said of the track: “I spend a lot of time thinking about humans. And I wanted to make a song wrapped in a blanket of obliviousness whilst speaking the wonderful and horrible truth that I see in us. We are always thriving for something. If it’s love, money, sex, success, power or just a bigger piece of a delicious chocolate cake. It’s very interesting. Its grotesque. It’s beautiful.

“We are always hunting for something. We are animals hunting for animals.”

Mattia was very complimentary of Aurora, saying “it was great to be invited to go inside Aurora’s head for a little bit of time while we worked on this project together. It was a hugely collaborative experience, and I think that can be seen on screen, as our ideas and aesthetics melded together to create the video.”

Last year, Aurora told NME more about her “empowering” ‘Infections Of A Different Kind – Step 1’ record, remarking that “many of the songs [on the record] are about people taking choices on behalf of themselves, about coming back for revenge.”