AURORA to sit down with Brian Eno for climate conversation

The pair will discuss their visions for "directing the energy of music for the benefit of the planet" in London next month

AURORA and Brian Eno will sit down in London next month for a conversation on the climate emergency and how the energy of music can benefit the planet.

The talk will take place as part of the 14th edition of Green Events & Innovations Conference (GEI), which is set to take place at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London on April 29.

Eno, having recently founded Earth Percent, a charity providing a simple way for the music industry to support the most impactful organisations addressing the climate emergency, joins the conference to discuss ‘Directing the energy of music for the benefit of the planet’ in a Keynote conversation with the Norwegian alt-pop star.


The pair will discuss their visions for “directing the energy of music for the benefit of the planet”, as per the event’s press release.

GEI 14 will be a part of the International Live Music Conference (ILMC) for the first time. There will be a busy programme featuring an array of speakers who will bring their passion and ideas to the event with key topics including:

  • European co-operation in the live music sector
  • Transport and Energy in the tumultuous energy landscape
  • Arenas coming back greener with the AGF Greener Arena certification,
  • Sustainable food & beverage for events
  • Circularity of Materials with a focus on Cups and Serveware
  • European Greener Festival Roadmap
  • Incredible individuals and organisations using skills, networks, creativity and resources of events for purposeful action in solidarity with displaced people.
  • Quick Fire Innovation Round with latest in green tech solutions

The connection between wellbeing, inclusivity, diversity, equity and environmental sustainability will be a recurring theme throughout the programme.

For more information and tickets, please visit the event’s official website.


AURORA released her third album, ‘The Gods We Can Touch’ back in January. In a four-star review, NME‘s Andrew Trendell said the LP “is loaded with AURORA’s idiosyncratic quirks and enchanting notions, but it’s never purely a slave to whimsy. Now’s the time to give in to AURORA.”

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