The Auteurs and Black Box Recorder mainman says Graham Coxon has the "charisma of a sick pet in a hot car"...

LUKE HAINES has used the publicity growing around his call for a seven day nationwide ‘POP STRIKE’ to launch a verbal assault on BLUR‘s GRAHAM COXON, saying the guitarist has the “charisma of a sick pet in a hot car”.

Writing in the Guardian newspaper today (May 31) Haines, who earlier told NME.COM he felt himself to be a John The Baptist figure in his call to strike, said he felt the action was “social as opposed to political” though it would “test the socialist mettle of my contemporaries”.

“I was saddened to see my fellow musician and neighbour Graham Coxon aligning himself with the Green Party – something about not being able to skateboard on the pavements of Camden”, he wrote, referring to previous NME.COM article in which Coxon’s voting intentions were revealed. “Well Graham,” he added, “if I want to be mown down by a man with the charisma of a sick pet in hot car, I’ll let you know.”


Graham Coxon could not be reached for comment at press time.

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