The Auteurs and Black Box Recorder mainman tells NME.COM that "Somebody needs to make this noble gesture"...

LUKE HAINES, the man behind the AUTEURS and BLACK BOX RECORDER, is planning to picket BBC RADIO 1 in a bid to gain support for his planned week long ‘STRIKE AGAINST POP’, NME.COM can reveal.

Speaking to NME.COM this morning (May 31) Haines outlined his masterplan to create a week of silence from July 2 when “no pop will be made, listened to or consumed”.

Haines, who releases new album ‘The Oliver Twist Manifesto’ on July 2, said he felt driven to stop the nation listening to and enjoying music for a week.


“Someone needs to make this noble gesture,” he said. “Since the Second World War people have making records every week. Why the hell is that? Is there any need for it? That’s all I’m asking. My record is released that week. I don’t want any pop made, listened to or consumed that week. I’m using pop as a fairly generic term – it’s pretty much all modern music. Therefore I’m actually discouraging people from buying it. Obviously because if they buy it then they’ll be scabs.”

The Auteurs leader outlined his plans for the Radio 1 picket.

“We’ll picket Radio 1 to see if any DJs are breaking the strike,” he said. “From midnight [July 1-2], we’ll see how many I can get, see if I can galvanise my army.”

Haines said he had a number of other musicians ready to join his campaign, though was reluctant to identify them at present. He added that this was not simply a publicity stunt to promote his record.

“‘The Oliver Twist Manifesto’ concerns all that is wrong with popular culture – that’s where the idea came from,” he said. “So this was a bigger thing that I could do that rather than pen 11 songs.

“I’m offering no solutions. After a week of this no music caper we’ll see what happens. The apparatus of the machine will be damaged somewhat, feathers will be ruffled.”


Haines said he thought he might be viewed by some people as “a sort of John the Baptist figure crying in the wilderness” but he didn’t mind.