Luke Haines gets his old band together to plug the group's bizarre career retrospective...

LUKE HAINES and Auteurs will reform for one night only at an exclusive gig in LONDON on July 31.

The band will play at LSO St Lukes in Old St, EC1, and will perform with a string ensemble. Tickets for the show are £17.

This summer will also see the release of ‘Das Capital’ on July 21 – a career retrospective of Luke Haines and Auteurs.


The album will feature songs from the group’s 1993 debut ‘New Wave’ as well as material from the three other Auteurs records, one of Haines’ solo records (‘Christie Malry’s Own Double Entry’) and his mid-90s incarnation as Baader Meinhof.

Haines has completely re-recorded the songs on ‘Das Capital’ using an orchestra, as well as writing three new songs – ‘Satan Wants Me’, ‘Michael Powell’ and ‘Bugger Bognor’.

The full tracklisting for ‘Das Capital’ is:

‘How Could I Be Wrong’


‘Baader Meinhof’


‘Lenny Valentino’


‘Satan Wants Me’

‘Unsolved Child Murder’

‘Junk Shop Clothes’

‘Michael Powell’

‘Bugger Bognor’

‘Future Generation’