The man behind Black Box Recorder and The Auteurs composes the music for 'Christie Malry's Own Double-Entry'...

Luke Haines, the driving force behind Black Box Recorder and THE AUTEURS, has turned his attention to movie soundtrack work, writing all the incidental music to forthcoming feature film ‘CHRISTIE MALRY’S OWN DOUBLE-ENTRY’, can reveal.

The singer/songwriter/producer wrote the soundtrack at the invitation of the film’s director Paul Ticknell after Ticknell had heard The Auteurs acclaimed 1999 album ‘How I Learned To Love The Bootboys’.

“The film’s about an urban terrorist, from a ’70s book by B.S. Johnson, who’s having some kind of slow revival of his work,” Haines explained, “There are bits of incidental music but mostly songs that reflect the hidden conscience of the main character.”


He added: “The film’s going to be out beginning of next year, and the soundtrack album will be out the same time. It’ll be released under my own name.”

In the novel the main character, Christie Malry, decides to live his life according to the principles of double-entry book-keeping, which he adapts to help him settle outstanding accounts with society. Little read on publication, the darkly comic tale did find fans amongst some big players in literature of the time, including playwright Samuel Beckett.

Featuring ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ star Nick Moran and veteran actress Shirley Ann Field, it will go on general release in the UK around April 2001, with Haines‘ soundtrack appearing through Hut Recordings a little time before.

Meanwhile, Haines under the guise of Black Box Recorder catches up with bandmates John Moore and Sarah Nixey to play the Reading/Leeds festival (August 25-28).

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