The Avalanches confirm reissue of their classic debut ‘Since I Left You’ is nearly ready

Slow-paced Aussies have also snuck out a brand new track on an advert

The Avalanches have confirmed that a deluxe reissue of their influential debut album ‘Since I Left You’ is nearly complete.

Released in 2000, ‘Since I Left You’ saw the Australian collective incorporate approximately 3,500 samples into an acclaimed cut-and-paste album featuring the singles ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ and the title track. It would be another 16 years before they released a follow-up, with the similarly sample-heavy ‘Wildflower’ their other album to date.

Writing on Instagram, the band posted a picture of the debut album’s sleeve with the caption: “Work on the deluxe reissue is almost complete!” before asking fans “How did you discover ‘Since I Left You’?”


It’s not yet clear what extras the deluxe reissue will feature, though on its initial release in Australia in 2000 it was accompanied by band member Robbie Chater’s mixtape, ‘Gimix’. No release date has yet been set for the reissue.


The band, now consisting of a core duo of Chater and Tony DiBlasi, previewed additional new songs on the tour which accompanied ‘Wildflower’, and have given regular clues of their third album by mentioning on Twitter the acts they are currently sampling. These have included Aretha Franklin, The Voices Of East Harlem and Taeko Ohnuki.

The duo have also hinted that Weezer singer Rivers Cuomo and LA rapper Pink Siifu will feature on the new album.


In the meantime, The Avalanches have provided their first recorded new song since ‘Wildflower’ in advert for Apple. Their remix of Ray Anthony’s jazz standard ‘The Hokey Pokey’ features in the new Apple Watch advert. It’s not yet known if the remix will be available outside of the advert.