The Avalanches share update on their new album

Let's hope it won't take 16 years this time...

The Avalanches have confirmed that they are progressing well with their anticipated third album.

The Australian electro outfit famously took 16 years between their seminal debut album ‘Since I Left You’ and their 2016 follow-up ‘Wildflower’. However, it seems that fans may not have quite so long to wait this time.

“The music has connected us to people far and wide and for that we are eternally grateful,” wrote the band on Twitter, celebrating the anniversary of ‘Wildflower. “We are blessed to be part of this exchange – after all it is not really ‘our’ music – we are interpreters and receivers.

“Our third album is taking shape and we can’t wait to share it with you all,” wrote the band on Twitter. “It’s already something very special.”

The last two years have also seen the band embark on a lengthy and celebrated world tour – after bandmember Robbie Chater, revealed that he had also battled ill health while the band were out of action in the noughties.

Chater said: “There were three years in the mid-2000s when I was really unwell. I was diagnosed with a couple of separate autoimmune diseases, so I was out of action.”

Reviewing their sophomore effort, NME wrote of ‘Wildflower‘: “To The Avalanches’ many devotees, the alternately wacky and wallpaper nature of these 60 minutes probably won’t matter, and neither will the group’s failure to evolve.

“Yet for those of us not seduced by absence, fond hearts or nostalgia, ‘Wildflower’ is a faded snapshot of a cosier, very distant-seeming past.”