Avenged Sevenfold drummer’s death ‘inconclusive’

US coroner rules more tests need to be done to determine Jimmy Owen Sullivan's passing

Avenged Sevenfold member Jimmy Owen Sullivan‘s death has been ruled “inconclusive” following an autopsy.

The Orange County coroner’s office said more tests will have to be performed to determine a cause of death after the initial autopsy was carried out on Tuesday night (December 29).

The drummer, nicknamed The Rev, passed away the previous day (December 28) at his home in southern California at the age of 28.

Police said there were no signs of foul play reports the LA Times.

Sullivan was born February 9, 1981, and befriended the future members of the group – M. Shadows, Zacky Vengeance and Matt Wendt whose name often is short-handed as A7X – while they were in high school together.

The band posted the news of their bandmate’s death on their website, paying tribute to the drummer.