‘Avi Buffalo is over’, frontman confirms

Band released two albums on Sub Pop, including 2014's 'At Best Cuckold'

Avi Buffalo will no longer tour nor record and release music, founding member Avi Zahner-Isenberg has confirmed.

The band, who released two albums, was officially brought to an end with an announcement made on Facebook earlier today (January 27). In the statement, Zahner-Isenberg confirms that his record contract with Sub Pop has ended and that he is now looking to work with other artists instead of focusing solely on his own project.

In one section of the statement, Zahner-Isenberg says that Avi Buffalo “went too far” and also explained that he does not enjoy touring or life on the road.


“I don’t think this project was meant for even the minute exposure on a “professional” scale that it got, as it ended up causing a lot more pain and drained my creative energy. It makes me wake up sick, confused, depressed, out of touch with myself and irrelevant to current music’s existence.”

The statement ends with Zahner-Isenberg explaining that he is now working on the debut album by Litronix, a band featuring Kevin Litrow of Dance Disaster Movement and 60 Watt Kid. He also advertises his skills as a “guitarist/songwriter/producer/engineer/whatever” and claims he may make music under his own name again, but not until he is “40 or 50 and extremely fat.”

Avi Buffalo released two albums on Sub Pop, the most recent being last year’s ‘At Best Cuckold’. A self-titled debut was released in 2010.