Avi Buffalo’s second album to be inspired by Dr Dre

Avi Zahner-Isenberg says '2001' is his blueprint

Avi Buffalo‘s Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg has said that he is taking inspiration from Dr Dre‘s 1999 classic ‘2001’ for the band’s second album.

The singer/guitarist told NME that this did not mean he was going full-on hip-hop, but that he was inspired by the style of “adventure” on that album, also known as ‘The Chronic 2001’.

“There are some things I’ve been saving for the next record that I would have done for the first one… non-songs, maybe,” he explained. “I really want to make it like one of those crazy adventure records.”

He added: “Like when you put on ‘The Chronic 2001’ or something, and there’s an intro and you’re on a magic ride and experience the whole thing, it’s really sweet.”

Head to the NME Office Blog to read the full interview with Zahner-Isenberg.

Avi Buffalo are currently on their first headline tour of the US, but are set to take a break from gigging to work on their second album.