Avicii responds to Mike Posner’s ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’ lyric

Swedish DJ was mentioned in the 2016 hit

Avicii has responded to being mentioned in Mike Posner‘s 2016 hit ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’.

Swedish DJ Avicii recently returned with his new ‘AVĪCI’ EP, which featured Rita Ora and was his first offering of new music since retiring from live performances last year.

Posner’s single topped the charts in the UK and US last year after being remixed by Norwegian trio Seeb. The song included the lyrics: “I took a pill in Ibiza / To show Avicii I was cool”.


Now, responding to the reference, Avicii has explained to Rolling Stone: “Mike’s a good friend, so I took it as an honour. And I agree – parties can be amazing, but it’s very easy to become too attached to partying in places like Ibiza. You become lonely and get anxieties. It becomes toxic.”

Posner himself had previously discussed the lyric in question, telling Genius: “It was sort of a mystery pill. I was already under the influence of alcohol at the time. I had written a song with Avicii that week in Sweden called ‘Stay With You’ and he was playing in Ibiza so I said, ‘I will just go there with you,’ because I was already in Europe. I don’t have like a regular 9-5 job… so might as well go to Ibiza, right? I had never been there before. So I went.”

On his experience at the show, Posner added: “I would go back and forth between the backstage and the VIP area and then where the actual kids were. And most people didn’t know who the fuck I was in Ibiza except for this one guy who recognised me. He was like, ‘Are you Mike Posner?’ and he was all excited. He holds up this little bag of pills and is like, ‘You want one?’ And drunk Mike Posner was like, ‘Fuck it, yeah.’ So I took one and I had never done that before, and I felt amazing. Then when I came down I felt ten years older…”

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