Man facing 20 years in jail after killing his mother during row over Avril Lavigne tickets

Robert Lyons was convicted of second degree murder after stabbing his mother nine times

A Chicago man is facing 20 years in jail after being convicted of killing his mother during a row over Avril Lavigne tickets.

Robert Lyons, who is 39, but has struggled with serious psychological and anger problems since he was a teenager, was found guilty of beating and then fatally stabbing his mother Linda Bolek in 2008 at a court in DuPage County, Illinois last week (September 21). He has been convicted of second degree murder, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years.

According to Fox News Chicago, Lyons became extremely angry and attacked his 61-year-old mother on March 14, 2008 after she refused to buy tickets for him to attend a concert that Lavigne was due to perform in near future.

During the incident, Lyons is reported to have twice slammed Bolek across the head with a cognac bottle, then stabbed her nine times in the back after she fell to the kitchen floor.

The attack is suggested to have been so violent the knife blade snapped off inside Bolek’s body. Lyons then threw a series of household chemicals on his mother’s body. He was arrested a branch of Hooters restaurant later that night.

Lyons will be sentenced in the coming weeks.