And the teenage star says she's not feeling the pressure of following up her massive-selling debut LP 'Let Go'...

Avril Lavigne says she’s “growing” as a writer as she records the follow-up to her massive selling 2002 debut ‘LET GO’.

The teenage star is currently holed up in a Los Angeles recording studio working on her second LP, expected in spring 2004. And she insists that when she returns, she’ll be a lot less naive.

She told MTV: “I’m a lot wiser now. Now I know what the business is like – what you have to do and how to work it. As a writer, I’m growing and my guitar playing is getting better. I know what it’s all about now, so I’m ready to go back out there and do it all again.”

Despite saying she’s grown up, the star claims her soul remains relatively unchanged.

She added: “I’m still human. I still get my feelings hurt and get pissed off at things, and I’m still inspired by music. I love to create and I come up with melodies and it’s easy for me.”

As for the record, Avril Lavigne isn’t feeling much pressure to get it finished.

“It’s all just chill, nothing’s planned out,” she said. “No one’s saying, ‘Avril Lavigne, you need to work with this person, you need to write with this person.’ It’s all just happening on its own. Management isn’t telling me what to do, the label isn’t telling me what to do. Everyone’s just being like, ‘Hey, do your thing ’cause you did your thing on the first record.’ “