Avril Lavigne responds to conspiracy theory that she’s actually a clone

The theory alleges that Lavigne “died” in 2003

Avril Lavigne has responded to the conspiracy theory that claims she’s a clone – and that the “real” Avril Lavigne passed away in 2003.

The theory was headed by a mystery-busting Brazilian blog, that compiled the ‘evidence’ through the years. It claims to have definitive proof that the pop star is dead, and the Avril Lavigne who now stalks the earth is nothing but a fake.

This ‘evidence’ points out a change in Avril’s look and height, a shift in her lyrics and the title of her second album, ‘Under My Skin’. It adds that the real Lavigne struggled with fame at the beginning of her career and began to use a body double named Melissa. At some point, the real Lavigne died and ‘Melissa’ replaced her for good.


Now, the ‘Complicated’ star has responded to the theory during a chat with Australia’s KIIS 106.5 radio station. “Yeah some people think that I’m not the real me which is so weird!” she said. “Like why would they even think that?”

The station points out a ‘strange happening’ once the question was asked. “Not only that, BUT what was incredibly strange and creepy was that as soon as Jackie asked this question, the phone line turned really weird!” they said. “Avril went a bit robotic, cut out and times, and even accidentally started pressing random buttons making a beep sound! Is it just a coincidence that things started going haywire with the line as soon as we asked about the Melissa theories? Or was someone doing it…”

You can listen to Avril’s answer in the video below.

Meanwhile, the ‘Sk8er Boi’ singer returned to music following a four year break after falling ill during her 2014 tour. In September, she shared an emotional comeback message on “the worst years of her life”.

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