Azealia Banks labels Beyoncé a ‘thief’ and says ‘Lemonade’ is bad for black women and feminism

Banks objects to Beyoncé perpetuating 'this heartbroken black female narrative'

Azealia Banks has criticised Beyonce over her recent ‘Lemonade’ visual album.

‘Lemonade’ was made available exclusively through Tidal on Saturday night (April 23) after an hour-long HBO special of the same name was broadcast. The TV spectacular was made up of music videos and vignettes set to the new songs, which are thought to be about husband Jay-Z‘s alleged infidelity.

Following the album’s release, Banks took to Twitter to voice her opinion that the message on Beyoncé’s release is anti-feminist and bad for fellow black women. She also the star of co-opting other artists’ ideas without giving due credit (“She’s a poacher. She’s a thief. Sisters don’t steal, sisters share”).


“Just six months ago you told every black girl in the industry to ‘bow down’ now you want to stick up for black folk lol,” Bank wrote, before adding: “Queens are supposed to lead, they don’t step on the spirits of the girls who come after them then to just try and take that same spirit”.

Banks also objected to Beyoncé perpetuating “this heartbroken black female narrative”, labelling it “the antithesis of what feminism is”.

“You been singing about this nigga for years and he still playing you,” Banks added, referring to Beyoncv’s relationship with Jay Z. “That’s not strength that’s stupidity… You keep crying over a man and perpetuating that sad black female sufferance and it’s not good for what we’re trying to accomplish here”.

Read Azealia Banks’ tweets on ‘Lemonade’ below.

After stating that “feminism has nothing to do with black women”, Banks later hosted a live web chat on Periscope to explain her comments. Watch that beneath.


‘Lemonade’ marks Beyoncé’s sixth solo album and the follow-up to 2013’s self-titled LP, which was released in a similar surprise fashion.

‘Lemonade’ includes the previously heard single ‘Formation’, debuted earlier this year and the song Beyoncé played at the Super Bowl alongside Coldplay, as well as 11 other new tracks.

Meanwhile, Azealia Banks has previewed new tracks and revealed that one was intended for Rihanna.