Azealia Banks previews new tracks, reveals one was intended for Rihanna

The rapper gave fans a chance to hear some of her new material

Azealia Banks previewed several new tracks from upcoming projects on Periscope last night.

The rapper played snippets from songs that are set to appear on her new mixtape ‘Fantasea II’ and another release, ‘Business and Pleasure’.

Banks also appeared to suggest that one of the demos was originally written for Rihanna. “You wanna hear one of the songs I did for, what’s this bitch, antioxidant?” she said, a term she’s previously used to refer to Rihanna’s latest album ‘Anti’ on Twitter. Listen to the track below.


According to Banks her future projects, which include a video for ‘The Big Big Beat’ and a wider release of her new mixtape ‘Slay-Z’, have been delayed while she signs a new distribution deal.

Asked when they might see release, Banks said she plans to drop ‘Fantasia II’ after a summer tour, with ‘Business and Pleasure’ coming out the following winter.

Earlier this month, Banks wrote an open letter to Sarah Palin, after the former Alaska governor threatened to sue her for a series of offensive comments made on Twitter.

The rapper initially apologised for the remarks, which were prompted by a satirical news story that Banks believed to be real, before backtracking and criticising Palin again.

Watch back Banks’ Periscope stream here (available only for 24 hours).