Azealia Banks releases new mixtape, ‘Slay-Z’

The rapper returned to Twitter to break the news

Azealia Banks has released a new mixtape titled ‘Slay-Z’.

The eight-track mixtape features the previously released singles ‘The Big Big Beat’ and ‘Used to Being Alone’. Rick Ross and Nina Sky appear as guests on two tracks.

Banks made her return to Twitter to announce the release of the mixtape. She said that she decided to share the project earlier than planned after discovering that her former engineer was leaking tracks from it.


“Hey Guys, so i recently fired my engineer because every time i came to the studio he was under the influence and he’s spitefully leaking slay-z,” she tweeted (then deleted) on Thursday (March 24).

Earlier this month, Banks decided to shut down her often controversial Twitter account. “Ok, today, i’m finally making the decision to eject from social media,” she wrote to followers. “american media culture is honestly so fucking disgusting and junky.”

Before quitting Twitter, Banks revealed that she plans to vote for Donald Trump in the US elections because “he’s evil, like America.”

The ‘212’ rapper outlined her reasoning, saying she thinks Trump is “the only one who truly has the balls to bust up big business”, criticising Democrats rival Hillary Clinton as being “too tied in with them” and left-leaning candidate Bernie Sanders as having “no clout”.


“I only trust this country to be what it is: full of shit,” she continued. “Takes shit to know shit so we may as well, put a piece of shit in the White House”.


01 Along the Coast
02 Big Talk [ft. Rick Ross]
03 Can’t Do It Like Me
04 Queen of Clubs
05 Riot [ft. Nina Sky]
06 Skylar Diggins
07 The Big Big Beat
08 Used to Being Alone