Azealia Banks will not face charges for alleged assault on security guard at LA nightclub

The LAPD has dropped charges relating to a case from last October

Azealia Banks will not face charges for allegedly assaulting a security guard in a Los Angeles nightclub.

Last October, the LAPD opened an investigation into the rapper for criminal battery after it was claimed she was responsible for an incident that occurred at the city’s Break Room 86 venue.

Security guards working at the club said Banks tried to pull a fire alarm after she and her friends were asked to leave for acting “unruly”. At the time, TMZ reported that a “security guard grabbed Banks as she was messing with the fire control valves, and that’s when Banks and her crew jumped the guy.”


Now, Pitchfork reports, the LAPD have dropped the charges due to a lack of evidence. The incident was caught by surveillance cameras, but the footage doesn’t confirm the identity of the assailant.

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Banks was arrested in New York in December for another assault on a security guard, during which she is alleged to have punched the female guard outside a venue and bitten “her in the boob”.

The New York Post reports that Banks has been charged with a misdemeanor of third-degree assault following the incident.

A source reportedly claims that Banks was “screaming at the top of her lungs, cursing” after being thrown out of an invite-only party.

The rapper is accused of spitting in a female bouncer’s face and biting her on the breast, “almost breaking her shirt” and “caus[ing] swelling and redness”.