Azealia Banks says Nicki Minaj was ‘mute about cultural appropriation until she became victim’

Minaj recently accused Miley Cyrus of appropriating black culture without caring about wider social issues

Azealia Banks has criticised Nicki Minaj‘s recent takedown of Miley Cyrus, claiming that the rapper failed to speak out about cultural appropriation until it affected her.

Minaj called out Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards in August for negative comments she made in the press, later telling The New York Times that if Cyrus “wants to twerk with us” then she also needs to know “what we feel is unfair to us”.

Cyrus had previously addressed Minaj’s recent beef with Taylor Swift, saying that it was “not very polite” of Minaj to involve Swift in a conversation about racism in music.


Now, Banks has accused Minaj of hypocrisy, writing on Twitter: “I wish Nic would stop trying to turn this Miley thing into a race issue cuz she was mute about cultural approp. until she became “victim”… Plus how u gonna complain about a video with skinny women when ur body is enhanced… You too were once a skinny woman.”

Nicki Minaj had criticised the MTV Video Music Awards for favouriting “skinny white women”.


Banks continued: “Not every black woman can afford enhancements so it’s not fair to other girls to make it about that… This isn’t about race. if it were she would’ve said something when the industry was trying to wipe her out with vanilla wife.”

See all of Banks’ tweets in full below.



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