Azealia Banks breaks up fight between fans at New York gig – watch

The incident took place at the rapper's Irving Plaza gig on Monday (May 11)

Azealia Banks broke up a fight between fans at her New York show earlier this week.

The rapper, who released her long-awaited album ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ in November 2014, was playing a gig at the US city’s Irving Plaza venue on Monday night (May 11). As Stereogum reports, half way through her performance of the song ‘Miss Amor’, Banks was forced to stop to break up a scuffle ensuing in the audience.

“We’re not gonna fight in the crowd. That’s not what we’re going to do,” Banks told those involved. “You’re going to have to stop right now or you’re going to get kicked out. It doesn’t matter who hit who, you gotta stop touching each other right now. I’m looking at all five of y’all right now, I’ll throw all of you out right now, stop hitting.”

Banks eventually seemed to pacify the offenders, adding “I’m gonna count to 10 and I’m gonna keep this show going. OK, we’re going to do this [song] again” before launching back into the track.

Watch footage of the incident below (from the 1.25 mark in the YouTube clip).

Meanwhile, Banks recently spoke out about her controversial online behaviour in a new interview. Speaking to Billboard, she said that she uses Twitter, on which she’s been a part of many feuds, to “distract” herself from “being a person.”

Claiming that she often causes controversy online to get a reaction, she told the magazine: “I’m not here to be your idol because I’m probably going to do some fucked up shit. I’m probably going to fuck some old-ass white man, and you’re going to be like ‘What the fuck is going on?'”