Azealia Banks: ‘I’m not here to be your idol’

The singer also says she uses Twitter to 'distract' herself and discusses Barack Obama in new interview

Azealia Banks has spoken out about her controversial online behaviour in a new interview.

Speaking to Billboard, she says that she uses Twitter, on which she’s been a part of many feuds, to “distract” herself from “being a person.”

Claiming that she often acts up online to get a reaction, she told the magazine: “I’m not here to be your idol because I’m probably going to do some fucked up shit. I’m probably going to fuck some old-ass white man, and you’re going to be like ‘What the fuck is going on?'”

The rapper also talked about her recent Playboy cover, saying that her first reaction to the offer was “no fucking way”, and that she only agreed to do it after speaking to other people in her office. But Banks also believes that: “people are so repulsed by me, because I’m such a polarizing figure, that no one really wants to see me naked.”

Banks also revealed a crush on President Barack Obama during the interview, describing him as “so fine”. “Those big-ass white teeth and ears hanging off his head? I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I want to fuck the president'”, she continued.