Azealia Banks accuses Eminem of sexism in his music

Rapper says 'feminism is needed' in music

Azealia Banks has accused Eminem of sexism for only dissing women in his songs.

Banks took to Twitter to call out Eminem for his lyrics and to dispute his position as “diss God”, pointing out that he’s only ever clashed with female artists.

“You beefed with Moby, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera… And then this nigga calls himself the diss god?” the ‘212’ rapper asked, before adding, “I don’t understand male rapper’s logic […] Feminism is needed”.

Earlier this month, Azealia Banks spoke to NME about her very public series of celebrity spats with artists such as Lily Allen, Disclosure, Iggy Azalea and TI, saying that she is “done with that” now and wants to “hang up [her] fighting gloves”. The rapper said: “Am I hanging up my fighting gloves? Yeah. I’m a lady. I don’t wanna be dealing with that.

“Now, when you feel the adrenaline going, you stop yourself. I’m done with that. I’ve done it already. You’ve seen me curse people out. Let’s do something else now.”

Banks’ new record ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ was finally released after several delays on November 6.

Having split with Universal subsidiary label Interscope after a lengthy dispute in which the rapper begged for Sony to “buy [her] off of Universal”, the record was eventually surprise released via iTunes.