Azealia Banks says she feels ‘deeply misunderstood’

Rapper believes she is being ‘pushed into a corner’ with her music

Azealia Banks says she feels “misunderstood” and that she doesn’t feel her music is getting enough recognition.

Writing on Instagram, Banks said she feels other musicians are taking her ideas and having success with them.

Banks said: “I feel deeply misunderstood. I feel cheated, I feel stolen from. I feel though as I’ve made and am making such huge contributions to the times, as far as music and the national conversation go, only to be shoved into a corner and punished while I watch my ideas and insight get paraphrased and repackaged by everyone.”


Banks is currently finishing new album ‘Fantasea 2’, the follow-up to 2014’s ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’, but she said she is having trouble finishing the album. Banks wrote: “I feel really sad and uninspired. I’m having trouble mustering up enough smiles and enthusiasm to finish ‘Fantasea 2’.” In a second Instagram post, Banks added simply: “I feel like I’m losing my mind.”

‘Fantasea’ was Banks’ first mixtape. Released in 2012 after the success of her ‘212’, it featured the Hudson Mohawke-produced ‘Jumanji’ as well as collaborations with Styles P and Shystie.

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Banks has been involved in controversy throughout her career. She got into a lengthy dispute with Lily Allen, defended Bill Crosby on Cosby’s rape accusations and in May apologised after a racist attack on Zayn Malik.


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