From weed to a ‘giant dick’ – Azealia Banks is sharing crazy screenshots of her bizarre conversations with Grimes and Elon Musk

Things get even stranger...

Azealia Banks has continued her bizarre relationship with Elon Musk and Grimes, after posting a batch of text screenshots on Instagram.

Earlier this month, Banks claimed that she had waited at Elon Musk’s home while she awaited the opportunity to record with Grimes, his girlfriend. The polarising tech tycoon later denied knowing her.

But Banks has now attempted to hit back at Musk’s claims by posting a series of screenshots on Instagram – which appear to reveal her unconventional exchanges with Grimes.


In the messages, Grimes tells Banks that Musk “has a fake made up accent” and a “giant dick”.

She also claims that he “got into weed cuz of me”.

“He just got into weed cuz of me and he’s super entertained by 420”, she claimed.

Later on, the messages seem to take a more jovial tone as Banks tells Grimes that she is a “very fierce protector of children and I can see them in the invisible world”.


In response, Grimes says the pair need to find Banks a boyfriend so they can be pregnant together.

Meanwhile, Grimes has also been collaboration with Youtube sensation Poppy on her upcoming album.

Speaking to NME, Poppy revealed that one song is about ‘destruction’ and another is about ‘power’.

“She followed me on Twitter, then I sent her a message and said ‘hi, I like you,” said Poppy. “We should make a song together’. Then we made a couple of songs together actually. She’s really talented.