Azealia Banks threatens to burn down Lana Del Rey’s house with ‘#AzealiaVoodoo’

"You know the Big Bad Witch is smarter than that..."

Azealia Banks has responded to recent comments from Lana Del Rey by threatening to burn down her house with ‘#AzealiaVoodoo’.

The feud between the pair reached a peak earlier this week when the ‘212’ star described Del Rey as “vapid” after the singer criticised West last week in a lengthy Instagram comment posted on his account, before Del Rey said she would “fuck up” Banks in repose.

“Don’t use Kanye for your own vapid attempts to seem politically aware when there is SO MUCH MORE bootleg witchcraft you could be doing to TRY and take down 45”, Banks wrote on Instagram.

“I won’t not fuck you the fuck up. Period,” wrote Del Rey in response, before adding “Banks. u coulda been the greatest female rapper alive but u blew it. dont take it out on the only person who had ur back.”

Banks then called Del Rey “an example of an ageing white woman who got work done on her face, and none done on her body (where she needed it most)”, as well as claiming she had a “pointy Michael Jackson nose”.

Now, Complex reports that Banks threatened to burn down Del Rey’s house using witchcraft in a since-deleted Tweet.

After one follower urged Banks to not engage in the Twitter feud with the ‘Video Games’ singer, Banks replied: “Honestly, you know The Big Bad Witch is smarter than that. When her house mysteriously goes up in flames while she is asleep inside… I want to see as many #Azealiavoodoo hashtags as possible.”

Earlier this month, Banks released a letter apologising to Elon Musk following her recent high-profile stay at the SpaceX founder’s house. The rapper had apparently been waiting at Musk’s house for Grimes to arrive so the pair could collaborate on some new music.

The letter of apology comes after Banks started to tweet intimate details of Musk and Grimes personal life whilst growing increasingly frustrated when Grimes seemingly failed to turn up for the collaboration.

Del Rey meanwhile is set to release her new album ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’ next year, before playing a huge outdoor show in Dublin the week before Glastonbury.

She’ll be playing at Dublin’s Malahide Castle on June 22 (the week before Glastonbury). Tickets are available here.