Aziz Ansari on Kanye West: “He can be a very sweet guy”

The 'Master of None' creator opens up about his friendship with Kanye West.

Aziz Ansari has opened up about his friendship with Kanye West and Jay-Z during his appearance on Bill Simmons’ self-titled podcast.

Last year, Ansari created the hilarious video for West’s track ‘Famous’ and also appeared in the video for the West and Jay-Z track ‘Otis’ back in 2011.

Speaking on the podcast, Ansari explained that he first met West after he came to see him do stand-up at the Largo in Los Angeles. “He’s such an interesting person and there’s just this view of him that some people have of him that’s just… I don’t know,” Ansari added. “He is that but he’s also this nice guy that I’ve met. He can be a very sweet guy.”


He went on to discuss his part in the ‘Otis’ video as well as his time witnessing West and Jay-Z’s 2011 LP ‘Watch the Throne’.

“When I did the Kanye, Jay-Z video, when I was in Otis – that was when I knew him and Jay-Z the most, when I would to see them a lot, I kept seeing them all the time in New York,” he said.

“Jay-Z is into food – I don’t know if people even know that but he’s really into food – and I would see him and we’d get dinner sometimes, like eating at cool restaurants. Then I started going in when they were recording ‘Watch The Throne’, so I was there for a lot of the ‘Watch The Throne’ recording, which is one of the coolest things I’ve ever gotten to see. Just as a creative person, to see how those two guys were making this thing creatively,” he added.

Ansari then revealed that West played unheard tracks from ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ for a man delivering him vintage Hermès luggage. “This is so fascinating to me. He was working on Twisted Fantasy, and there was a guy who comes in, he’s got two vintage, Hermès suitcases—travel suitcases.


“And he’s trying to pick which suitcase, and he has one of his guys like, ‘Yo grab that one and walk around with it a little bit.’ ‘Alright, grab the other one and walk around with it a little bit.’ He wants to see which one looks cooler to walk around with. And he picks one. And the guy is still there, from some delivery service, and Kanye is like, ‘Hey, I want to play you something. Tell me which of these songs you like.'”

Ansari is currently starring in Master of None, which returned to Netflix for its second season last Friday (May 12).