B.o.B has claimed that slavery in America never happened

"They can find a billion year old dinosaur bone but can't find any slave ships".

B.o.B has controversially claimed that slavery in America never happened.

The rapper, who has previously been a vocal flat-earther, took to Instagram to argue that America is ‘250 years old’, yet slavery lasted for 400 years.

He also claims that he’s never seen a slave ship, yet it’s possible to “find a billion year old dinosaur bone”.


“They say slavery lasted 400 yrs… America is only 250 yrs old… You ever seen a slave ship ? They can find a billion year old dinosaur bone but can’t find any slave ships”, he wrote.

Unsurprisingly, history is there to say entirely otherwise – with the first slaves from Africa arriving in British colonies from 1619.

It’s a similar story for the slave ships too, with a Portuguese slave ship being discovered off the coast of Mozambique in June 2015.


The bizarre claims received a similarly dim view from his Instagram followers too.

One wrote: “You’re dumber than Donald Trump”.


Another said: “You might be one of the dumbest humans alive”.

The latest bizarre claim comes after B.o.B launched a crowdfunding page to raise money for satellites that will be sent into space to show him the curve of the Earth.

The page was launched in September, but has failed to be the success that he had anticipated, so far raising only $6,000 of a $1 million target.