Listen to Baaba Maal’s Afro-futuristic single ‘Freak Out’

"Mystery is important in life; you don’t need to shine a light on every little thing you do"

Baaba Maal has released ‘Freak Out’ featuring the Malawian duo The Very Best, ahead of his 14th studio album, ‘Being’.

The new worldbeat track is mysterious as the Senegalese musician draws on the idea of privacy.

“There are things you should keep to yourself,” he said. “Mystery is important in life; you don’t need to shine a light on every little thing you do. You don’t have to give away your soul for the sake of a little bit of attention.”


Coming seven years after the predecessor 2016’s ‘The Traveller’, his 14th studio album will host seven tracks inspired by both his birthplace of Podor and other international music scenes, like working with Mumford & Sons on their ‘Johannesburg’ EP, lending his talents to two tracks.  

While working on his appearances on both the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack and film, Baaba Maal got the inspiration to make another album. “I brought this mythical Africa back to Podor, extending my reality, my hometown, and my music,” he said about working on the film.

“I didn’t know whether I would make another album after ‘The Traveller’, but I did know my thinking about music was still changing. And once more something stirred inside me at home in Podor. I found myself once again.”

‘Being’ will be released on March 31 – check out the tracklist below:

  1. ’Yerimayo Celebration’
  2. ’Freak Out’ featuring The Very Best
  3. ‘Ndungu Ruumi’
  4. ‘Agreement’
  5. ‘Boboyillo’ featuring Rougi
  6. ‘Mbeda Wella’ featuring Paco Lenol
  7. ‘Casamance Nights

In recent news, Maal has announced a one-off concert at The Barbican in London on May 30th; his first time at the venue in 20 years. You can book your tickets here.


Recently, the worldbeat star performed at the 2022 Blues De Fleuve festival in Senegal, dubbed the “Glastonbury of Africa”, 16 years after he initiated the festival in 2006.

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