Mainman Stephen Jones parts company with Echo Records...

BABYBIRD has parted company with his former label ECHO, can exclusively reveal.

Speculation that Babybird, aka Stephen Jones was no longer with the label started after he disappeared from the list of signed acts on the label’s website, where other artists such as Moloko, Utah Saints, Big Yoga Muffin and Feeder were featured. Last month, Jones pulled four live dates in the UK, due to “circumstances beyond the band’s control.”

Rumours of the split were originally played down by the band’s press office, despite the release of a new EP through a different label. The five-track ‘Double A EP’ is released next Monday through the indie label Animal Noise – an offshoot of music promoters channelfly.


Originally planned only as a temporary move, the situation arose after Jones expressed a desire to put out another single from his last album ‘Bugged’, a release unable to fit into the Echo schedule. Jones had performed for the Channel 4 series The Barfly Sessions – at the company’s venue in London’s Camden Monarch. A relationship developed and Jones exercised a right in his contract to release material through other channels.

The resulting EP contains two tracks from ‘Bugged’‘Fireflies’ and ‘Getaway’. The remaining tracks are made up of previously unreleased material – ‘Bad Habit’, ‘To Die For’ and a Mark Gamble remix of ‘First Man On The Sun’

Following the split with Echo, confirmed by the label today, it is unknown whether any deal with Animal Noise will become more permanent.