Stephen Jones will record under his own name in future...

BABY BIRD mainman STEPHEN JONES has announced that he is to split the band and record in future under his own name.

The celebrate the change, and also to mark Jones’ signing to a new label Easy! Tiger, an eponymous collection of instrumental music recorded since 1985 will be released on October 8. The collection, covering three CDs, will be Jones’ first release since Babybird’s ‘Bugged’ last year.

The full tracklisting for ‘Stephen Jones 1985-2001’ is as follows:


‘Nevercoming Home’

‘The Rice Trail’



‘Nervous Ice In Cheap Cola’

‘Do You Think He Was Singing It’

‘The Broken 88’

‘Squeeze The Trigger Gently’

CD 2:

‘Arthritis Kid’

‘Jokeshop Bullethole

‘Tolls On The Freeway’

‘Gang Cult no.5: The Black Reindeers’

‘Here We Attack’

’17 Blue Sun Road’

‘Yellow Hill’

’25 Watt Halo’

‘Baby’s Coming’

CD 3:


‘The Restaurant Is Guilty II’

‘Baby Jesus Opens His Presents’

‘Tealeaves On The Rooftiles’

‘Waking Up In The Coffin’

‘Always Bright’

‘Loveable Thug’

‘Commercial Suicide’