Steven Jones to set broadcasting precedent by singing 'The F Word' on television before the 9pm watershed...

BABYBIRD is to break a broadcasting taboo this Saturday when he performs his new single, ‘The F Word’, on BBC One’s National Lottery Live – Red Alert programme on Saturday (March 18), can reveal. Never before has the ‘F word’ been used pre-watershed on the channel with the corporation’s consent.

However the BBC has denied that the decision to book the band was a bid to stoke controversy and boost what some claim to be, the show’s flagging ratings.

A spokeswoman for Red Alert told,


“That’s not the case at all. The single does not contain the word ‘fuck’ anywhere. When people found out (that it was called ‘The F Word’) then they had to check, but it was cleared by BBC Policy and Planning and can go out on the BBC at any time. The record is being played on Radio Two and that would not have happened had there been any swearing.

“If you follow the show, you’ll see it gets really top guests. If we had been looking for controversy then I would have been calling you trying to start it.”

She refused to discuss viewing figures for the Lulu co-hosted show and refused as well to say how long the current run would last, commenting only that Red Alert had been broadcasting weekly since February 19 and that everyone involved with it was more than happy.

‘The F Word’, BabyBird (aka Stephen Jones’) first release for two years, was released last Monday (March 13) through Echo. An album ‘Bugged’ will follow on the same label on May 29.

Red Alert will air at 7.20pm on Saturday.