Stephen Jones returns with f-ing good new single and album...

BABYBIRD releases a new album ‘BUGGED’ in May through The Echo Label.

The follow-up to his 1998 album ‘There’s Something Going On’ will be preceded by a new single ‘The F-Word’ on March 6.

Explaining the new track, Babybird aka Stephen Jones said: “It’s a no-cussing song. A big motherfucker.

“It was the first 8-track to be demo-ed for ‘Bugged’. It’s a song about young kids drinking cider, swinging higher and higher on the swings.

“Listening to a deafening radio and screaming fuck over a bleeped-out radio-friendly song called ‘The F-Word’. It’s about looking back fondly over life as a kid – wanting to be young all over again.”

Babybird’s new album is the eighth in five years and contains new songs including ‘Fireflies’, ‘Till You Die’ and ’14u’.

The band will play live in May with plans afoot to make the shows ‘radically different’ from previous Babybird live occasions.

Stephen Jones is currently finishing his first novel, due for a late spring release.