Split single teams Stephen Jones with melancholic country soul act East River Pipe...

BABYBIRD returns with a new 4 track recording – the first of his lo-fi recordings since 1997’s ‘Dying Happy’ – as part of a split single release on Easy! Tiger records. ‘Drunk Car’ by Babybird shares a release with East River Pipe‘s ‘Cybercar’. East River Pipe – aka FM Cornog – recorded for Sarah records and is often namechecked by Stephen Jones and Lambchop (who have recorded five of his songs).

The singles are limited to 1000 and are available from Easy! Tiger, Suite 209, Bon Marche Centre, 444 Brixton Road, London SW9 8EJ. The EPs are ‘2.50 (including postage & packing) and cheques should be made payable to W Wallace.