BABYMETAL reflect on departure of member: “There’s just no-one like YUIMETAL”

SU-METAL explains that the core of the band is, and always has been, her and MOAMETAL.

BABYMETAL‘s SU-METAL has opened up on the departure of band member YUIMETAL.

The founding member quit the band ahead of a world tour in October of last year.

Speaking to Kerrang!, SU-METAL says that the member was irreplaceable, leading her and MOAMETAL to continue as a duo.


YUIMETAL has been someone very special to us. So obviously it’s been very difficult, but we want to fully support what she wants to pursue,” SU-METAL says.

BABYMETAL at Glastonbury, 2019
BABYMETAL at Glastonbury 2019. Photo: Andy Hughes/NME

“We wanted to continue BABYMETAL and continue the tradition,” the member continues.

“Also there’s just no-one like YUIMETAL, so it’s not an easy replacement. And that’s why we decided – SUMETAL and MOAMETAL – to form the core of BABYMETAL.”

BABYMETAL producer KOBAMETAL has also praised the remaining pair’s persistence and strength through the situation.

“Obviously YUIMETAL’s departure was something that they’d never experienced before,” he said. “It was a difficult moment for BABYMETAL, but it was more that SUMETAL and MOAMETAL had their strong desire to continue. They wanted to become the core of the group. I think it was a time where BABYMETAL continued to evolve.”


BABYMETAL are set to release their new album ‘Metal Galaxy’ on Friday (October 11). Speaking to NME about the album backstage at Glastonbury 2019, they said: “For the next album, we’re facing a lot of new challenges. ‘Elevator Girl’ represents me becoming an adult and the new metal that we have created. Our album is like a toybox with a different mixture of songs in there. ‘Elevator Girl’ is just one of those songs in the mix.”

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