Babymetal to release limited edition trading cards as NFT

Babymetal have joined the NFT craze

Babymetal are releasing a set of limited edition trading cards as an NFT.

The pack will be available via a WAX Blockchain for 72 hours from May 6 here and will cost £71.70 ($100) each.

There will be 1000 packs in total, with 10 trading cards in each. According to a statement, each card “represents all 10 episodes of the Metal Resistance – the 10 chapters of the band that have unfolded since their inception a decade ago.


“All of those chapters are explored in the band’s recent best-of album: ’10 Babymetal Years’ – the first ultimate collection of highlights taken from the band’s three studio albums, ‘Babymetal’ (2014), ‘Metal Resistance’ (2016), and ‘Metal Galaxy (2019).”

BABYMETAL talk to NME backstage at Glastonbury 2019

As NME explained in a recent blog, NFTs “act like digital gold bars, rare trading cards or paintings kept in safe storage – they’re kept on the blockchain (basically a Cloud for financial assets, but where everyone with an account keeps a note of what you own) in your name but you can only sell or trade them as collectibles.”

BABYMETAL released a new best-of album earlier this year to celebrate a decade as a band.

The new collection arrived in 10 different editions, each including a standard edition of the album alongside a special additional disc.


Reviewing their 2019 album, ‘Metal Galaxy’ NME said: “Pop-meets-hard-rock sensations Babymetal, who lace sugar-sweet hooks with speed-metal and rave rhythms, have proven divisive among the rock community.

“Yet the pure hedonism of their sound, and the theatrical rush of their highly-choreographed, pyro-driven live shows, have seen them sell-out Wembley Arena and found them fans among the likes of Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bring Me The Horizon – all of whom have invited the band on the road.”