YG confirms new girl group BABYMONSTER will have five members in final line-up

The girl group’s final line-up will be announced in two weeks

YG Entertainment’s upcoming girl group BABYMONSTER will have a final line-up of five members when they debut later this year.

On April 28, the K-pop agency unveiled the latest episode of Last Evaluation, its reality web series that follows seven of its trainees as they go through a series of missions to decide the final line-up for BABYMONSTER, the agency’s first girl group since BLACKPINK’s debut in 2016.

The new Last Evaluation episode follows the trainees on their final dance mission in which they perform to a mashup of 2NE1 songs. At the end of the episode, YG producer and founder Yang Hyun-suk finally reveals that BABYMONSTER will be a five-member act.


“Ever since I started thinking of planning for this group BABYMONSTER, the number of members I had in mind was five. None of the girl groups produced at YG had many members. Four in BLACKPINK, and four in 2NE1 too,” he explains.

Yang adds that he has yet to decide on the five members of BABYMONSTER, and confirms that YG will officially announce the final line-up on Friday, May 12 at 12am KST.

YG Entertainment first began introducing the trainees and potential BABYMONSTER members – Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Ahyeon, Haram, Rora and Chiquita – with a series of solo performance videos on YouTube earlier this year, which led fans to believe that all the members introduced would be part of the group.

However, Yang later declared that BABYMONSTER would “never be a seven-member group”, and that he would eliminate at least one trainee from the pool through Last Evaluation before its debut.

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