Babyshambles drummer gives away demo album

Adam Ficek offers 10 free songs on new website

Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek has launched his new website by giving away a batch of previously unreleased songs.

Ficek‘s Roses, Kings, Castles website is offering fans 10 free demos – many of which are expected to appear on Ficek‘s debut album, also called ‘Roses, Kings, Castles’.

Ficek also explained how his solo songs were never initially meant to become public.

He said: “This small bedroom project then somehow managed to gain the attention of my record company who wanted to hear what I had been doing.

“After lots of eerrrrs and aarrrgghs I sheepishly took them my music to listen to. I was shocked when they said they wanted to release the whole album.”

However, not everything went smoothly for Ficek.

“One thing lead to another and they [the record company] finally (after many phone calls and emails) decided that they wouldn’t release it. Very confusing!” he said.

“So I set about trying to release it myself, spending lots of time researching, phoning, mailing….It was a challenge, very tiring but hugely rewarding and educational!”

‘Roses, Kings, Castles’ is released on September 22.