Pete Doherty gets shirty at London solo show

Babyshambles man tussles with fan over QPR top

Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty had an altercation with a fan last night (March 19) at the end of a dramatic solo show in a tiny London pub.

The incident occurred after Doherty played an acoustic solo show at the Powers Bar in Kilburn, after the show was announced on the internet earlier in the afternoon.

During third song ’Can’t Stand Me Now’ fan Charlie Cameron, 18, who had travelled to the gig from his home in Bath, threw a Queens Park Rangers football shirt onstage in dedication to his and Doherty’s favourite team.

After the next song, ’The Lost Art Of Murder’, Cameron asked for the shirt back from Doherty to no avail. As the set ended Cameron attempted to get to Doherty to claim his shirt back again.

Doherty began walking off stage with the shirt, but briefly tussled with Cameron over the top. Doherty swiped at Cameron, brushing the fan’s face. The star was then dragged backstage by venue staff.

The gig had already been packed with incidents before the tussle. The 150-capacity venue was stuffed to the rafters. Staff had turned off overhead fans due to crowd-surfers, and three fans passed out due to dehydration. Doherty seemed to cut his set short because of the tense atmosphere, playing a 25-minute set.

After the gig, Cameron told NME.COM that he wasn’t angry with the Babyshambles man over the incident. “He didn’t hit me hard,” he said. “It was a bit of a brush. But I had to go home wearing a jacket and nothing else [on my top half, as the shirt was gone]. But he’s welcome to the shirt!”

Pete Doherty played:

‘East Of Eden’

‘Can’t Stand Me Now’

‘The Lost Art Of Murder’

‘Breck Road Lover’


‘What A Waster’

‘Death On The Stairs’

‘Pipey McGraw’

‘Monkey Casino’

‘The Whole World Is Our Playground’

‘Dilly Boys’