Babyshambles play second night at Rhythm Factory

Pete Doherty ducks speculation over Kate Moss and 'the wedding'

Babyshambles performed at east London‘s Rhythm Factory last night (January 18) to an enthusiastic crowd, following Pete Doherty‘s solo show the night before.

As previously reported, the gig came on the day Babyshambles signed a “long term” record deal with Parlophone and took on a celebratory air.

Coming on stage at 1.45am, over an hour later than scheduled, the band eased into a low-key version of The Libertines‘What Katie Did’.

This was followed by a manic ‘Pipedown’, with Doherty launching himself into the crowd for his only stagedive of the evening.

The biggest cheers of the night were reserved for single ‘Killamangiro’ and The Libertines‘Time For Heroes’.

Babyshambles also performed new tracks ‘Delivery’ and ‘Carry On Up The Morning’, as well as several obscure songs, including an untitled track that only appeared previously on ‘The Babyshambles Sessions’ bootleg.

Before closer ‘Fuck Forever’, Doherty threw his guitar into the crowd, before it was hurled back on stage, only for the former Libertine to throw it straight back into the audience.

The band left the stage at 3am, finishing ‘Fuck Forever’ with just bass and drums after guitarist Mick Whitnall‘s instrument cut out in the final chorus.

Although the gig took place on the day it was strongly rumoured that Doherty would marry girlfriend Kate Moss, the singer remained quiet throughout the set.

Babyshambles are set to conclude their Rhythm Factory residency tonight (January 19).