Pete Doherty in drug hearing

Babyshambles frontman making ‘optimistic’ progress

Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty was in court today (January 17) in a review of a drug treatment order at Thames Magistrates Court in East London.

District Judge Jane McIvor said she was pleased with the singer’s progress, and told Doherty that he did not need to be reviewed as often.

McIvor said the singer was making “optimistic” progress in his battle against drug-taking and added that his doctor had referred to the “great effort” he was making to beat his addiction.

She said: “But it’s a long progress and there is another nine months to go. This is more optimistic but we cannot take the pressure off. It takes day-to-day effort.”

Defence counsel Bruce Clark agreed that Doherty’s progress was “encouraging”. Clarke said: “Most people would have failed by now.”

As previously reported, Doherty was ordered to take part in a treatment programme after admitting drug possession charges in April 2006. He is set to return to court for another review on April 18.

Doherty told BBC NEWS: “It’s just a really positive time for me at the moment.”