Babyshambles prepare ‘Blinding’ EP

Band discuss come back

Babyshambles will release their comeback EP ’The Blinding EP’ on December 4.

The band, who left Rough Trade last year, will release the EP on Regal records – also home of Lily Allen.

The new EP will feature four songs for certain, although the band admitted it could have been longer.

Babyshambles bassist Drew McConnell told NME.COM: “The EP is all recorded we’re just mixing it and we’ve handed it out to a couple of people. We recorded 11 songs but we’re only going to put a few on the EP.”

The EP will be picked from songs including the title track, ’I Love You (But You’re Green)’, ’I Can See From Afar’, ’Anguish’ and ’Stung Me Like Life’.

McConnell added Pete Doherty was designing the artwork.

“It’s a picture of Pete holding his guitar, with gaffa tape over his eyes, which refers to the ‘blinding’ concept,” he said.

“I think it’s about the vacuous nature of tabloid newspaper attention. No matter how intelligent and strong you think you are, it still affects you.”