Pete Doherty publishes personal diaries

Babyshambles singer finally releases ‘Books Of Albion’

Pete Doherty finally released his personal diaries yesterday (June 21), which gives fans a microscopic look into his private life with Kate Moss.

‘The Books of Albion: The Collected Writings of Peter Doherty,’ chart the Babyshambles singer’s life from when he moved to London at the age of twenty, to his more recent addiction problems and turbulent relationship with Kate Moss.

In it, he writes a warts-and-all account of his controversial relationship with Moss which further highlights his battles with the tabloid newpapers.

At one point he writes, “Further tabloid infamy yesterday just when I thought everything was too good to be true. Some Australian arseholes have me on camera phone banging up and apparently slagging Kate off. Bang to rights I suppose although to be fair I was in a hell of a state at the time and we had fallen out.”

The diaries also offer surprises in the shape of Moss herself, who contributes, “You have touched my heart and soul, little fucker I wish you wouldn’t ring on my door now go I could kiss you again and float way.”

As well as his relationship with the supermodel, the diaries also cover his time in The Libertines.