Get Loaded organisers: no show was not Pete Doherty’s fault

Bail conditions scuppered the show, say festival organisers

The organisers of the Get Loaded festival, which took place on Sunday (August 25), have given NME.COM an explanation as to why Pete Doherty failed to show for his scheduled solo slot in the acoustic tent.

A spokesperson for the event told NME.COM{/b] that Doherty had agreed to do the slot after building up a good rapport with the organisers, after headlining last year’s event with his band, Babyshambles.

He agreed to play an unannounced solo slot on Sunday, but news of the show leaked to the public and as such there was a large amount of expectation around the rumour that he was supposedly performing.

The organisers explained to NME.COM that the booking “was never 100 per cent”, but they kept a slot for him “just in case”.

The spokesperson went on to explain that due to Doherty’s recent court appearances, “personal issues” and the fact that his bail conditions didn’t allow him to be in London at the time of the event meant that he couldn’t perform.

The spokesperson said that both Doherty and the organisers were “gutted” about the non-appearance.