Exclusive – Pete Doherty names Babyshambles producer

The ex Libertine tells NME.COM he’s ready to start new album

Stephen Street is set to produce Babyshambles’ new album.

The veteran producer who has worked with the likes of Blur and Kaiser Chiefs will take control of the band’s second album in the next few weeks.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, Pete Doherty said his band were already to go.

“We’re going in the studio with Stephen Street soon, we’re going to make a start,” he explained.

“I found it quite interesting a few things he said. I read in NME he said Graham Coxon is one of the finest guitar players he’s ever worked with and I’ve always thought he’s underrated. He gets plenty of praise but there’s something special about Graham Coxon. I don’t know, that comment from Stephen always stuck in my head.”

Doherty added that he was feeling confident about the second album.

“Oh yeah! It’s completely different this time around, completely different,” he declared. “Not that we didn’t feel confident before, I don’t know what I was feeling. This one is more human.”

Meanwhile his bandmates have speculated that the album could feature several special guests, with Amy Winehouse and Shaun Ryder among the possibilities.

Drummer Adam Ficek and bassist McConnell told XFM they had 35 tracks to consider for the record – due out in November – including ‘Delivery’, ‘I Wish’, ‘Carryin Up The Morning’, ‘Death Left Hands’, ‘There She Goes’ and ‘Little Heartache’.

The duo added that they were looking forward to the band’s arena tour which kicks off in November.

“We’ve been called an underachiever sort of band,” said Ficek. “Hopefully after the arena tour we’ll be in the position where we can rightfully say we’re one of the best bands in Britain.”