Babyshambles reveal Pete Doherty substance ban

Band speak of special tourbus rules for their latest jaunt

Babyshambles have revealed that there is an official alcohol ban on their tourbus while the band are on their current arena tour – a measure to ensure that frontman Pete Doherty remains clean and sober.

Babyshambles bassist Drew McConnell has revealed to NME.COM that the ban was imposed by Doherty himself as a measure to ensure he remains focussed and refrains from substance abuse.

“He’s insisted on it [the alcohol ban],” McConnell explained. “I thought it was a joke at first but it’s true – we’re having to hide bottles of beer under our pillows! I think it’s indicative of Peter’s resolve to sort himself out.”

McConnell went on to explain, in reference to Doherty’s recent drug relapse, that the singer is “doing really well”, and paid tribute to Babyshambles’ fans for their support.

“We kind of want to thank everyone for their patience with him,” he said. “We know what we’re capable of as a band, and it’s up to us to prove it on this tour. Hope springs eternal, y’know.”

The Babyshambles tour continues in the Bournemouth International Centre tonight (November 26).